Apply to be one of our Supports

This Application is for people that would like to become a Support Staff for Ultimate Sever.

Perks of becoming a Support Staff is you get Lifetime Subscription.

Note To submit a app you need to create a account on the site !
Requirements/What you will be doing

Must have had a active service with us for at least 3 months!

Must be active on discord/live chat just overall answer questions customers may have!

What does the job entail ?

You will be generally answering questions and help resolve any issues customer may have.

For example, Why do i get a Cant transcode 4k Error?

you would troubleshoot with them until you exhaust all possible solutions.


Trial Information
You will be on a two weeks trial system.

What does this entail?

you wont get lifetime service until you pass the trial and become a full support staff

you wont have access to troubleshouting accounts until you are accepted into a full support staff role/no access to the whmcs payment site infomation.

During this time i will be anazyling you on how well you do your job.

Please Note at the end of the two weeks we will evaluate your 2 week performance and take it from there.
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